Color Me Reckless

Busy, Busy, Busy, Bee

LifeLisa Seyfried

Wow September is going fast! And I'm somehow managing to keep up with it all and my goals of finishing some of these blankets! Last weekend, it was my birthday, and Husband and I did an electric run with some friend.Here's a picture of us playing with the glowsticks, post run:



And here's us running through the black light tunnel:image (1)

See how much fun we are having? The run really was great, and it was an awesome way to start off the new year for me.  This might  become a new thing for me!

Aside from that, I have been kicking but at the Blanket Challenge! I pulled out some of the old ones and got to work remembering what on earth I was doing in them, and I am so close to finishing the one for my friend.  I really think if I hunker down, I could finish it this weekend.