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Craft Day Loveliness

LifeLisa Seyfried

I love a good craft day. And my absolute favorite is getting to sit around and craft with some of the best ladies.  We try to get together for a craft day every few months or so.  We all bring a different craft and sit and drink wine, eat food, and work on our projects.  It's like the old fashioned quilting circle, but with 4 different projects happening at once. All the remnants of our crafts

I love that these days become a chance to try something new.  I am a crocheter, it's my go to craft.  But last weekend, I opted to try my hand at modpodge-ing some Altoid cases to turn them into business card holders.  Turns out, I love modpodge!

My new card cases!

Here's a snapshot of what the other ladies were working on:

Plate painting!


Wreath Making!


Do you have a craft group?