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September Blanket Challenge Wrap-Up

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So the challenge for myself kind of worked and kind of... didn't. It worked because I finished up one blanket, and got so much further on a second.  It failed because I started two new blankets. Pre-September challenge, I had 3 blankets in progress. Post-challenge I have 4 in progress and 1 finished. What I'm excited about though, is the wealth of creativity that came out of September.  I was focused on blankets and so I came up with a lot of ideas for future blankets, learned some things I want to do, and some things I don't want to ever do, and generally brainstormed new things.  I bought myself a sketchbook to try and capture those things!

New sketchbook

In other news, my crafty friends and I went to Crafty Bastards in lieu of our craft day this month.  Crafty Bastards is a DC based craft show held in Union Market.  It's huge.

I've been years in the past, and have found lots of great stuff.  This year, however, I didn't find as much great stuff? Most of it seemed to be the same as last year - which is fine, but I found the people I love last year and now buy from them on Etsy.  I'd like to see new things please! I did find this adorable buttons and Pincushion from Namoo - I fell so in love with these!Namoo Buttons