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Learning to Spin

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On our anniversary trip out to West Virginia, we stopped at a local yarn store and I took the plunge into spinning! I've been thinking about it for a long time now, and talking to the woman at the store (who was spinning alpaca wool right there in the shop) made it seem like the right time to leap.  She even gave me an impromptu lesson! Learning to Spin | Color Me Reckless

Here's the beautiful wool I bought to spin with.  The brown is wool, and the white is Alpaca.  The woman at the store was spinning the white alpaca, and tore off a piece for me to try my hand at it.

I should point out that I'm not spinning on a spinning wheel - I'm learning to spin using a drop spindle.  It's the same idea as a spinning wheel, but instead of powering it with your feet, you get the spinning motion for dropping the spindle.

It's tricky. It took me a few hours just to figure out how to do it right, and I'm still not sure I am.  But my yarn did get better and more controlled toward the end of my wool.

Learning to Spin | Color Me Reckless

You can see that it's still kind of choppy and un-even.  But I figured out how to make different weight yarns and learned how to control it better. So I call it progress.

And I'm hooked! I can't wait to buy some more wool roving to keep trying and learning more.  A whole new world is open!

Color Me Lately: What's on the Camera

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So I took August off from blogging.  It was great to get away, have some opportunity to relax and not worry about the blog. But now I'm back to work! I'll be doing this series a bit in the future.  My goal is to work on my photography skills a bit and get used to taking the camera with me everywhere. Here's a bit of what I've been doing in August: Color Me Reckless

We went to visit my grandparents in Puerto Rico.  This was taken on the shore at a nature preserve near Humacao.  I love the color of the water and the rawness of the beaches.

Color Me Reckless


This was on top of a battlement constructed during World War II in Puerto Rico.  It was a good climb to the top!

Color Me Reckless

Beautiful flowers in my grandparent's backyard.  Husband was lizard hunting while I snapped photos of the the flowers.

Color Me Reckless

On our way to our anniversary trip, we stopped at a yarn store! Beautiful store, and a wonderful owner.  We chatted for a while, she taught me how to spin a bit (more on that soon!), and then we visited with her alpacas! So fun.

Color Me Reckless

Final anniversary location: Harper's Ferry, WV.  I loved this little town. It's well preserved and each shop has some interesting facts about the town.

Overall it was a great month! Lots of good travels and time spent with friends.  Definitely worth taking some time off the internet!