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A Beautiful Day at the Brewery

LifeLisa Seyfried

view at the Brewery - Color Me Reckless On Saturday, we went to a Beer Fest in Frederick, Maryland.  The day was sunny, warm, and absolutely beautiful - the perfect day for trying out new beers.

A sample of the Beer Menu - Color Me Reckless

And try we did! Every beer we tried was delicious. I loved how different each beer tasted.  I've never been a big fan of beer (I prefer cider to beer - I like the lighter, crisper, taste of the fruit), but these were all delicious!


I even got to meet some spinners at the festival! I watched a group of women spin the wool from the sheep on the farm. It was so rhythmic and soothing.  The woman I spoke to told me a bit about the process, and now I am definitely interested. It seems like the next step in being a crocheter - learning how to make the yarn itself.  I see a new hobby in my future...

Enjoying all the beers! Color Me Reckless