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The Soul of a Crafter

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IMG_1776 There is something great about spending a few hours on the couch and coming away with something beautiful like a baby blanket.  Each stitch gets imprinted with the memory of what I was doing.  I have blankets that I made in college as grad school as stress relievers, and I remember the book I was reading at the time, or the class I was taking, or the conversation I had with a friend during it.

I can look at all these beautiful things around my house and remember when and why I made it. We have bits of our wedding decorations scattered around the house - each one brings back the beautiful memories of making it with Husband, and seeing it all together on our wedding day.  It's a greater reminder of those moments than the pictures are, and it's a great marker of the things that Husband and I can do together.


I make a lot of things that just stay in piles around the house, or stay unfinished because some new idea took hold.  I love these projects. I love that my house is filled with these fabrics filled with memories. And I love that I can pull out that unfinished project and make something new, with new memories.

Last week, during our Craft Day, a friend and I were talking about how we have so many unfinished projects, and how, when we sit down to work on one, a new idea crops up and takes hold. I have to put down what I'm doing to run after that idea, chase it down, sketch it out, whatever it is. It's like there's too much creative energy, and it just spills out over the top.

Hiking in Appalacian Trail

I love it. And I love that that is spilling over into other crafty things, expanding my outlets. It's a beautiful thing.


Craft Day Loveliness

LifeLisa Seyfried

I love a good craft day. And my absolute favorite is getting to sit around and craft with some of the best ladies.  We try to get together for a craft day every few months or so.  We all bring a different craft and sit and drink wine, eat food, and work on our projects.  It's like the old fashioned quilting circle, but with 4 different projects happening at once. All the remnants of our crafts

I love that these days become a chance to try something new.  I am a crocheter, it's my go to craft.  But last weekend, I opted to try my hand at modpodge-ing some Altoid cases to turn them into business card holders.  Turns out, I love modpodge!

My new card cases!

Here's a snapshot of what the other ladies were working on:

Plate painting!


Wreath Making!


Do you have a craft group?