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Apple Picking and Canning

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A few weekends ago, Justin and I took advantage of the fall-like weather (ok, it was fall time of year, but it was 82 degrees, so not so much fall like temps) and went apple picking.  I failed at bringing along the camera for this adventure, but it was tons of fun! This was the best apple orchard we've been to - Hartland Orchand in Markham VA.  We had a lot of fun picking the best apples, and ended up with a bushel of apples, a gallon of cider, a pumpkin, and a jar of honey.  Not a bad haul if I do say so myself! Bushels of Apples |Color Me Reckless

Back home, I got started on the applesauce making.  This is one of my favorite things to make - it's delicious and fairly easy to make.  Last year I made a small  batch just in time for getting my wisdom teeth out and it was heavenly to eat.  This year, I decided to try canning it.


Since it was my first time canning, I had to guestimate how many apples would make a batch.  This is the part where Justin got bored and went off to play Destiny.  This batch took 4 hours to cook because I did not cut up the pieces small enough.


I loved the canning part though! So cool to dunk them in the hot water bath and then hear the lids popping as they cool.  The house smelled so good as we went to bed - it was like fall had seeped into each corner of our bedroom.

Plain Applesauce | Color Me Reckless


The final product! So proud of this first batch.  We made a second batch with cinnamon, which is my favorite.  I still have a ton of apples to use, so there will be more applesauce to come!

October Inspiration

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The thing I love most about the fall weather is the chance to wear boots again.  I love boots.  On those freezing cold days where you need layer after layer just to walk to the bus stop in the morning, I really love my boots.  What I don't love is wearing knee socks, jeans, and boots all day.  Talk about over-doing it! But I couldn't think of another way to add a bit of warmth to the part of my leg that is exposed between the end of the boot and the start of the coat. Until I discovered boot cuff. Wooo! What an awesome discovery.

Here's  my inspiration for the fall: