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Catching Up

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This week has been one of catching up. Catching up on watching video lectures, catching up on my daily blanket, and catching up on being creative. But it finally feels like I'm getting somewhere - like I'm getting back to the parts of being creative and learning that I enjoy.

I had a dentist appointment on Wednesday, and I forgot to take my book with me for the waiting room.  But I had my sketchbook, so I took it out and started sketching. And not just rough sketching out shapes and sizes, but adding in the shading, trying to work out color patterns in black and white. And I loved it! I felt so inspired by it - I hadn't realized how long it's been since I did sketching like that.

And that simple sketching for 15 min in the dentist's office made me so excited to come home and work out things 'in real life.' I started working up these new potholders, using the corner to corner method I love so much.

Corner to Corner Potholder - Color Me Reckless

It feels like a new start! I don't feel like I can only make these items I'm going to sell, and I don't feel limited at all. And I love this process.

Also - I finally finished up my placemats! I'm so proud of these - I even made the label all by myself with no help from Photoshop Wizard Husband.

Placemat Set of 2 - Color Me Reckless

September Blanket Challenge Wrap-Up

Crochet, LifeLisa Seyfried

So the challenge for myself kind of worked and kind of... didn't. It worked because I finished up one blanket, and got so much further on a second.  It failed because I started two new blankets. Pre-September challenge, I had 3 blankets in progress. Post-challenge I have 4 in progress and 1 finished. What I'm excited about though, is the wealth of creativity that came out of September.  I was focused on blankets and so I came up with a lot of ideas for future blankets, learned some things I want to do, and some things I don't want to ever do, and generally brainstormed new things.  I bought myself a sketchbook to try and capture those things!

New sketchbook

In other news, my crafty friends and I went to Crafty Bastards in lieu of our craft day this month.  Crafty Bastards is a DC based craft show held in Union Market.  It's huge.

I've been years in the past, and have found lots of great stuff.  This year, however, I didn't find as much great stuff? Most of it seemed to be the same as last year - which is fine, but I found the people I love last year and now buy from them on Etsy.  I'd like to see new things please! I did find this adorable buttons and Pincushion from Namoo - I fell so in love with these!Namoo Buttons