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What I'm Doing

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What I'm Reading

What I'm Reading - Color Me Reckless

I'm a big mystery lover. 5 out of 6 of these are mysteries, which is less than normal (I'm trying to branch out a bit). I've read the bottom three so far.  I watched all of Inspector Alleyn on Netflix, and it inspired me to pick up Ngaio Marsh's books.  I had tried to read her before and didn't get through it, but now I'm zipping through her books. A good rival for Agatha Christie, I think.

I just started on Due or Die and I'm thrilled to discover the amateur detective is also learning to crochet! What a great surprise.

What I'm Working On

My New Project - Color Me Reckless

This is a new project, just for me.  I wanted to work with just a single color doing a new stitch pattern.  This will  be a yellow baby blanket, using a triangle stitch.  So far, I am loving the new stitch.  It's fairly easy and I love the way it's lacy without being too loose - there's still some weight to the fabric.

While I was at Michaels picking up this yarn, a woman stopped me and said 'You look like you know what you're doing - where can I find knitting needles?' Kind of made my day to look like an expert in yarn crafts!

What's New To Me

Picking Up the Xbox Controller Again - Color Me Reckless

Alright, so this isn't new to me, but it's being picked up again after a long hiatus.  Husband made the controller for me as a Christmas present a few years ago, and I love it.  Granted my Xbox skills are limited to Lego games, but I'm totally ok with that.  Currently playing Lego Marvel.  While I loved the old Lego games that didn't talk, this game is great! The comments are really funny, the plot lines are intricately woven to include any and all Marvel Universe characters, and the game play is pretty good.  My only complaint? I still get stuck on jumping challenges, and I wish there were less things to jump across.

What I'm Learning

What I'm Learning - Color Me Reckless

That's right! I'm learning how to build a website from scratch AND attempting to learn some business techniques.  I've put myself on a one chapter a day schedule (failed at that for most of last only about 7 chapters behind?) and have been enjoying it! I've got some really great ideas for things to add/re-do on this site and I can't wait to get to the end of the book and actually play around with what I've learned.

Who'd have thought I'd be reading about business??!