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New Blanket Palette!

Crochet, LifeLisa Seyfried

I'm so excited to start working on a new baby blanket - and even more excited to be making this blanket for a dear friend of mine! I have been planning this blanket since they got married almost, and am THRILLED to finally be able to bring it to life without jinxing anything!! Here's the color palette I've chosen:


Any guesses as to what it will look like?

Buying the yarn soon...just a few more sketches and I'm all set to start working!

New Projects!

CrochetLisa Seyfried

I re-discovered how much I love to make blankets! I know, I know. I make a lot of blankets.  But I realized that I have never really made one for me! So I started thinking about what to make for me.  I decided to make a blanket for the guest bedroom.  It has really pretty red and white curtains, so I picked similar shades and got to work! New Project - Color Me Reckless


I love the colors.  At first, I was just going to leave them white-edged, but I really love the red around the outside. Especially, once they all got put together:

New Project - Color Me Reckless


What new projects are you starting the new year off with?