June Shop Update is Live!

Welcome to the Color Me Reckless Blog!

Each month, I work behind the scenes to make products to restock items in my shop.  There are a lot of pieces to make to keep the shop fully stocked, and it takes a lot of time to make it all.  I focus on a few colors each month, and try to make as much stock as possible from those colors each month.

This June I worked on Reds, Yellows, and Pinks! Newly restocked in the shop are: 

  • Pink Washcloths
  • Red Washcloths
  • Yellow Washcloths
  • Pink Soap Savers
  • Yellow Soap Savers
  • Orange Face Scrubbers
  • 2 mystery 'Grab Bag' face scrubber sets

July will focus on Purple, Blue, and Brown. I'm hoping to restock more washcloths and soap savers, and restock some coasters as well. 

I'll post here each month with what is newly added, and what I'm planning to add in the next month.  I've got a new product coming this fall that I'm working on making enough stock for as well. Lots of good things to come for Color Me Reckless!

- Lisa

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