Color Me Reckless

'Cuz Tonight, I'm Cleaning out My Basket..

CrochetLisa Seyfried

Overflowing Craft Basket

Oh the joys of having a crafty basket.  Meant to keep my work (yes work, singular!) in progress in one organized place, the basket generally becomes a depository for any and all things begun.  As you can see, it's even spilled over (literally) into a craft box! I'm not even sure what's in here anymore...

Big craft basketYou can see that there are several different colors of yarn, and at least two unfinished projects hanging out on top.  I'm positive there are at least three more WIP underneath all that.


At least I know what's in the spillover box.  This is full of a granny square project that I started, but didn't plan well, so it ended when I couldn't actually put all the squares together. So I took out the squares and made hexagons! You can see the big ol' pile of hexagons there. That's about as far as I got on giving that blanket new life!


The good news is that in this clean up and clean out, I found this great little circles I had made a long time ago.  I added some buttons and some pins and voila! A cute little bobby pin was born! Look for this in my etsy shop soon!

Small Project Bag

Let's just hope that this new work in progress (yes the stash buster blanket is on hold for a bit. Let's be honest, did anyone think I would finish it in one go??) works up quickly! It's a small project bag to hold those little projects (like these great new bobby pins!) on the go.  I've already got a great lining fabric picked out, and am so ready to put this bag to use!

Work in Progress Wednesday: Blankets and Bracelets

CrochetLisa Seyfried

As I mentioned on Monday, this weekend did not see a lot of work happen.  Well, this week hasn't been much better.  I blog at Redefining Eco as well as here, and I spent much on Monday and Tuesday working on new website-y things for there.  While this blog came together pretty easily, with pieces just seeming to fit together, Redefining Eco took a lot more work.  I'm glad it's just about up and running now though. All that being said, I didn't get a lot of time to work on my WIPs! I was able to add a few more squares to the Stash Buster Blanket.  It's starting to take some shape now! It's now square, but starting to lose a bit of shape on the sides.  I think I'll start up on the boarder just to give it some structure.

Getting bigger!

I've done some reading about how to make my cuff bracelet better.  I've heard that using fabric stiffener might work better than wire, but I like the idea of being able to shape the bracelet to the size you want it to be.  It makes it a bit more personalized, I think.  I have a second one started that I'll give the wire another try with.  We'll see!

I think that if I size and shape the wire first, it won't stick out as much when I add it in

Lastly, I'm working on re-updating my etsy shop! It occurred to me that now that I'm writing about all my crafty things, I should make it a priority to update the shop.  Here's hoping I find some time soon to add new things to it!

What are you working on this week?

Weekend Wrap-Up

CrochetLisa Seyfried

This weekend was a busy one.  And not in the 'I got so many different projects done' kind of way, more in the 'we went all over and got very little sleep' way. A family friend of the Husband got married this weekend, so we made the long trip (which was made longer by several accidents) for that.  I always bring a project with me in the car to work on during these long trips.  I had brought my WIP from last week, but it never made it out of the bag! Husband and I spent most of the ride singing along to Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

Never even made it out of the bag!

So the only thing I actually accomplished was this cute little cuff bracelet:

Really cute, but has some wire problems to fix

It's an idea that has been knocking around in my brain for a bit, and finally made it out.  I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out - I like the shape and the way it went together, but need to go back to the drawing board on how to stick in the ends.

All in all, it was a good weekend.

Work in Progress Wednesday: Stash Buster Blanket

CrochetLisa Seyfried

Ok. So it's not a real stash buster. But it does use up the yarn from two different blankets that I started (I started both blankets using the same yarn that is now small wonder why there were both unfinished!) a long time ago.  I tell myself that I started them just to practice a stitch that was new to me at the time.  [Photo Credit of all photos: my husband, Justin]. Work in Progress: Stash Buster Blanket

Anyway, this time around I intend to finish it! It's lovely little woven squares joined together.  Each square is done with Caron Spa yarn (in Coral, Misty Taupe, and Berry Frappe) and an F5/3.75 mm hook.

Work In Progress: Stash Buster Blanket

I'm experimenting with the JAYGO (Join-as-you-go) method with this one.  I can't seem to help but experiment! I'm really liking it - it's teaching me to slow down and plan the next square a bit, instead of making 100 squares and not doing them the right size at all.

Squares joined together

I envision this to be about the size of a baby blanket, but really the size will be determined by how much of the yarn I can find around the house.

Folded Blanket

Weekend Project: New Cushion

SewingLisa Seyfried

I love crafty projects.  I just finished planning a wedding, so now I have lots of free time and brain space to work on new things.  And the ideas are flowing! Not only am I cranking out the blanket I've been working on, but I had time to make myself a new cushion for my stool. Here's my stool. It's wooden and hard.  Not bad for when I'm just doing a bit of work during the day, but it really takes a toll on my behind after a day of sitting on it.

Before Picture.

So, off the the craft store to pick up some great fabric:

Fabric ready to go

And after about 2 hours of measuring, pinning, pinning again, sewing, and stuffing, I came out with this: A beautiful, overstuffed cushion! I'm pretty proud of myself for this, as my sewing skills are not super-great.

Weekend Project - after photo!

So that's what I did with my weekend.  What did you make this weekend?

Introductions are in order!

UncategorizedLisa Seyfried

Hello! I'm Lisa. I'm a crafter, reader, superhero lover, and writer.  I've started this blog to keep track of the things I work on, and to be able to write about the things I love. I am lucky enough to be able to work at a job where I can be creative, and that has inspired me to get serious about the things I make. I'm reading more on technique, trying new things, and learning a lot about photography along the way!

My first crafty-love is crocheting.  I have been crocheting since I was about 8 or 9, but really picked it up again in college, when I started making blankets for people.  Since then, I have built up a serious yarn stash, and a love of experimenting with new patterns and ideas.

I'm a huge mystery lover - Agatha Christie is a god in my world! Rainy days will find me curled up with a glass of wine and a good Hercule Poirot.

Credit: The Mary Sue

I'm a Whovian.  If you don't know what that is, you need to watch Doctor Who. Now. Also, a Marvel comics fan, with the new Captain Marvel series being my current favorite.  I'm fascinated by the role of women in superhero lore, and how little attention women superheroes get.  If I could do my Master's thesis again, I would probably write about that.  (But hey! There's still a PhD to get!)

I'm also a newlywed - I married my person 9 days ago. It was a truly fabulous DIY geeky wedding. My husband is a wine lover and is starting up a blog of his own reviewing wines. We're a happy little blogging family!

Lastly, I am an environmentalist.  I believe in people and planet and want to see people take better care of the world around them.  I am learning where to find materials for my crafts that are more eco-friendly, and loving discovering everything new.

So that's me! I hope that writing this blog keeps me learning and experimenting and growing.