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Thanksgiving Round Up

CrochetLisa Seyfried

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday.  It's generally the first time in a few months that my family gets all together (ok it's still tied to memories of going home from college after a long fall semester - and being almost done with classes. The calm before the storm), and now that I'm older, it's a great relaxing weekend.  I love that my family spends the day together, eats late, and then plays games into the night.  I love that the center of the holiday isn't the food, but the people. I'm pretty sure we could eat peanut butter sandwiches and it would still be my favorite holiday! Here's what I don't like about getting older - now I'm old enough to have my own household and so I am asked to bring something to Thanksgiving.  In any other family, this would be fine, but my family consists of several really really good cooks. So I bring wine and feel inadequate.

And then I realized that I could bring something else - something crafty that wasn't food! Here's a smattering of the amazing Turkey -themed crafts I've found.  I hope I have time to make one of them!

Turkey Amigurumi From Red Heart Yarn

 1. Tom Turkey from Red Heart. This is just too cute. I love how jaunty he looks!

Gobble Coaster from Yarn Pixie


2. Gobble Coaster from Yarn PixieI love the idea of crafty coasters for Thanksgiving.  I think it adds some fun to tables that are usually laid with the best dishes and fancy things like butter knives.

Cute Turkey by Teri Crews

3. Cute Turkey by Teri Crews. I love this little guy! So small and cute.  He'd be great to give to a small child on Thanksgiving!

Turkey Coaster by Craft Passion

4. Turkey Coasters from Craft Passion. Another spin on the Thanksgiving coaster. These also double as ornaments, so if your host is one who has their tree up already - this is perfect!

Crochet Pumpkin Pie from Crafty is Cool

4. Pumpkin Pie from CraftyisCool. If you don't want to make a turkey themed item, how about this adorable pie?

Turkey from Fiber Flux..Adventures in Stitching

5. Turkey from FiberFlux What I love most about this little guy is that he's not orange! So nice to see a Thanksgiving item in a different set of autumn hues.  Also, he's adorable.

I hope you're as inspired as I am to make something different this year for Thanksgiving!



The Soul of a Crafter

Crochet, LifeLisa Seyfried

IMG_1776 There is something great about spending a few hours on the couch and coming away with something beautiful like a baby blanket.  Each stitch gets imprinted with the memory of what I was doing.  I have blankets that I made in college as grad school as stress relievers, and I remember the book I was reading at the time, or the class I was taking, or the conversation I had with a friend during it.

I can look at all these beautiful things around my house and remember when and why I made it. We have bits of our wedding decorations scattered around the house - each one brings back the beautiful memories of making it with Husband, and seeing it all together on our wedding day.  It's a greater reminder of those moments than the pictures are, and it's a great marker of the things that Husband and I can do together.


I make a lot of things that just stay in piles around the house, or stay unfinished because some new idea took hold.  I love these projects. I love that my house is filled with these fabrics filled with memories. And I love that I can pull out that unfinished project and make something new, with new memories.

Last week, during our Craft Day, a friend and I were talking about how we have so many unfinished projects, and how, when we sit down to work on one, a new idea crops up and takes hold. I have to put down what I'm doing to run after that idea, chase it down, sketch it out, whatever it is. It's like there's too much creative energy, and it just spills out over the top.

Hiking in Appalacian Trail

I love it. And I love that that is spilling over into other crafty things, expanding my outlets. It's a beautiful thing.


Organizing and Catching Up

Crochet, LifeLisa Seyfried
I love October. So many yummy fall flavors and scents.  It gets me in the mood to do some new creative projects and to clean up my space.  I started working on crochet beaded necklaces, which, for me, meant sorting out the knot of embroidery floss I had wound up in a ball.

So I repurposed some mini clothespins from the wedding and found a way to sort through it all! The little scraps ended up on the little pins, and the bigger pieces are on the medium size pins.  They look so cute in the little glass jar.

In other news, I went to visit my sister in New Jersey and we went apple picking! I love picking the apples fresh from the trees and then coming home and making something yummy out of them.  This batch I made into homemade applesauce in preparation for getting my wisdom teeth out yesterday.

Apples to become Applesauce

I've made applesauce a few times before, but this is by far the best batch I've made.  It's so sweet and tangy and the same time, with just the right amount of cinnamon.  I only wish I had made more!

Apples who didn't make the cut

These apples are just for eating - too tart for applesauce.

Amidst all of this, I've made significant progress on my baby blanket.  It's just about halfway! I think I will be able to make my Nov 30 deadline with ease.

Baby Blanket halfway done!

And I made socks! I've always wanted to try to make socks, and I found a relatively simple pattern and got to work! The only thing I don't like about crochet socks is that they take a long time to make...But I really like the finished product.  I might have to buy some more sock yarn and make some more. Christmas presents perhaps?


What have you been up to in October?

September Blanket Challenge Wrap-Up

Crochet, LifeLisa Seyfried

So the challenge for myself kind of worked and kind of... didn't. It worked because I finished up one blanket, and got so much further on a second.  It failed because I started two new blankets. Pre-September challenge, I had 3 blankets in progress. Post-challenge I have 4 in progress and 1 finished. What I'm excited about though, is the wealth of creativity that came out of September.  I was focused on blankets and so I came up with a lot of ideas for future blankets, learned some things I want to do, and some things I don't want to ever do, and generally brainstormed new things.  I bought myself a sketchbook to try and capture those things!

New sketchbook

In other news, my crafty friends and I went to Crafty Bastards in lieu of our craft day this month.  Crafty Bastards is a DC based craft show held in Union Market.  It's huge.

I've been years in the past, and have found lots of great stuff.  This year, however, I didn't find as much great stuff? Most of it seemed to be the same as last year - which is fine, but I found the people I love last year and now buy from them on Etsy.  I'd like to see new things please! I did find this adorable buttons and Pincushion from Namoo - I fell so in love with these!Namoo Buttons


October Inspiration

CrochetLisa Seyfried

The thing I love most about the fall weather is the chance to wear boots again.  I love boots.  On those freezing cold days where you need layer after layer just to walk to the bus stop in the morning, I really love my boots.  What I don't love is wearing knee socks, jeans, and boots all day.  Talk about over-doing it! But I couldn't think of another way to add a bit of warmth to the part of my leg that is exposed between the end of the boot and the start of the coat. Until I discovered boot cuff. Wooo! What an awesome discovery.

Here's  my inspiration for the fall:





I Hearby Declare September as Blanket Month!

CrochetLisa Seyfried

I like to start things. In particular, I like to start making blankets. There's something about gathering the yarn, deciding on a pattern, getting to work, and seeing that tiny blanket grow with each square or row you stitch. My problem is that I get to a certain point, usually about a quarter of the way through, and my motivation vanishes.  It's not as exciting when you can't see the growth as much. It's not as thrilling when you are stuck doing row after row for this unending monster.

So. I am declaring September to be my 'work on all current blankets in progress' month.  Hopefully this will force me to get it together and finish one of them!

Here are the three I have going right now:

This one has little basketweave squares. It's about half way finished, and I got stuck when the thrill of using up the yarn in my stash ran out. Folded Blanket

This one was me learning how to do hexagons.  I made a bunch really quickly, and then got tired of making the same thing over and over. The funny thing is that this yarn was previously used in a granny square blanket that I am pulling out to make these hexagons.  Something about this yarn is giving me a massive mental block about finishing something!

Hexagon Blanket

And this last one is a blanket for a friend that was going so well the first day! I had made 7 of the 24 required squares before I checked the gauge and realized I was 18 inches short! Ugh. So I had to undo the 7 made squares and start redo-ing them bigger.  Talk about motivation sucker.

Square Stitch Blanket

So that's where I'm at right now.  Hopefully, when I check back in at the end of the month, there will be at least one done!

'Cuz Tonight, I'm Cleaning out My Basket..

CrochetLisa Seyfried

Overflowing Craft Basket

Oh the joys of having a crafty basket.  Meant to keep my work (yes work, singular!) in progress in one organized place, the basket generally becomes a depository for any and all things begun.  As you can see, it's even spilled over (literally) into a craft box! I'm not even sure what's in here anymore...

Big craft basketYou can see that there are several different colors of yarn, and at least two unfinished projects hanging out on top.  I'm positive there are at least three more WIP underneath all that.


At least I know what's in the spillover box.  This is full of a granny square project that I started, but didn't plan well, so it ended when I couldn't actually put all the squares together. So I took out the squares and made hexagons! You can see the big ol' pile of hexagons there. That's about as far as I got on giving that blanket new life!


The good news is that in this clean up and clean out, I found this great little circles I had made a long time ago.  I added some buttons and some pins and voila! A cute little bobby pin was born! Look for this in my etsy shop soon!

Small Project Bag

Let's just hope that this new work in progress (yes the stash buster blanket is on hold for a bit. Let's be honest, did anyone think I would finish it in one go??) works up quickly! It's a small project bag to hold those little projects (like these great new bobby pins!) on the go.  I've already got a great lining fabric picked out, and am so ready to put this bag to use!

Work in Progress Wednesday: Blankets and Bracelets

CrochetLisa Seyfried

As I mentioned on Monday, this weekend did not see a lot of work happen.  Well, this week hasn't been much better.  I blog at Redefining Eco as well as here, and I spent much on Monday and Tuesday working on new website-y things for there.  While this blog came together pretty easily, with pieces just seeming to fit together, Redefining Eco took a lot more work.  I'm glad it's just about up and running now though. All that being said, I didn't get a lot of time to work on my WIPs! I was able to add a few more squares to the Stash Buster Blanket.  It's starting to take some shape now! It's now square, but starting to lose a bit of shape on the sides.  I think I'll start up on the boarder just to give it some structure.

Getting bigger!

I've done some reading about how to make my cuff bracelet better.  I've heard that using fabric stiffener might work better than wire, but I like the idea of being able to shape the bracelet to the size you want it to be.  It makes it a bit more personalized, I think.  I have a second one started that I'll give the wire another try with.  We'll see!

I think that if I size and shape the wire first, it won't stick out as much when I add it in

Lastly, I'm working on re-updating my etsy shop! It occurred to me that now that I'm writing about all my crafty things, I should make it a priority to update the shop.  Here's hoping I find some time soon to add new things to it!

What are you working on this week?

Weekend Wrap-Up

CrochetLisa Seyfried

This weekend was a busy one.  And not in the 'I got so many different projects done' kind of way, more in the 'we went all over and got very little sleep' way. A family friend of the Husband got married this weekend, so we made the long trip (which was made longer by several accidents) for that.  I always bring a project with me in the car to work on during these long trips.  I had brought my WIP from last week, but it never made it out of the bag! Husband and I spent most of the ride singing along to Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

Never even made it out of the bag!

So the only thing I actually accomplished was this cute little cuff bracelet:

Really cute, but has some wire problems to fix

It's an idea that has been knocking around in my brain for a bit, and finally made it out.  I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out - I like the shape and the way it went together, but need to go back to the drawing board on how to stick in the ends.

All in all, it was a good weekend.

Work in Progress Wednesday: Stash Buster Blanket

CrochetLisa Seyfried

Ok. So it's not a real stash buster. But it does use up the yarn from two different blankets that I started (I started both blankets using the same yarn that is now small wonder why there were both unfinished!) a long time ago.  I tell myself that I started them just to practice a stitch that was new to me at the time.  [Photo Credit of all photos: my husband, Justin]. Work in Progress: Stash Buster Blanket

Anyway, this time around I intend to finish it! It's lovely little woven squares joined together.  Each square is done with Caron Spa yarn (in Coral, Misty Taupe, and Berry Frappe) and an F5/3.75 mm hook.

Work In Progress: Stash Buster Blanket

I'm experimenting with the JAYGO (Join-as-you-go) method with this one.  I can't seem to help but experiment! I'm really liking it - it's teaching me to slow down and plan the next square a bit, instead of making 100 squares and not doing them the right size at all.

Squares joined together

I envision this to be about the size of a baby blanket, but really the size will be determined by how much of the yarn I can find around the house.

Folded Blanket